My Porch Project, episode 3: the Columns

With winter approaching, it occurred to me that I should shift focus from the spindles to the columns. The seams of the two outer columns had opened up allowing rain to trickle down and settle inside the base. Here the paint came off easily, the wood was soft, and the old rusty nails dug out as easily as if they had been made of pastry.

I popped out the old, failing glue clogging the seams then filled those seams with fresh, modern mega-super-badass wood glue. Gravity was a bit of a nuisance and I'm still fretting about the quality of coverage I achieved. After the glue went in, I used ratchet straps to squeeze the entire assembly back together with gusto.  

This was insanely for fun for me. I'm not kidding. 

Big bad seams

Big bad seams



those holes are from the old rusty nails


Oozing glue


Tight ratchet! 


Super tight ratchet.